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The artists form tandems of five Bremen-based dancers with five dancers from around the world (Burkina Faso, South Korea, Brazil, Canada and Bangladesh). The five couples entered into a dance dialogue in advance via video chat; they worked out their individual forms of expression together, but at the same time across distance. They recorded this with a camera, laptop or smartphone. The alternation of juxtaposition and togetherness becomes, as it were, an artistic statement in times of the all-determining Corona-related restrictions.

The resulting material was edited by URBANSCREEN from Bremen into an approx. 30-minute film that will be shown on several facades per evening in Bremen's urban space using powerful projectors. The project team is particularly interested in showing the film in places outside the city centre and making dance accessible to everyone in Bremen. The projections on various building facades in the city give the dance dialogues ever new impressions - Bremen's buildings themselves become stages.

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